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The Chronicle:
The Family Pedigree falls into five genealogical tables. See Pedigrees.

  First ancestor:
1. Main lineage Odernheim am Glan Johann von Hembden born 03.01.1625 in Meertrop ( I )
2.Main lineage II Johann Friedrich Hembd born 26.04.1756 in Odernheim ( IV 27)
3.Line Fahlenwerder Johann Nickel Hembd born 28.06.1698 in Odernheim (III/8)

Sohn Christian Hembd born 12.11.1727 In Odernheim (IV8=IV1) in Fahlenw.

4.Line Müggelheim Johann Peter Hembd born 17.10.1716 in Odernheim (IV/4=IV1) in Müggelh.
5. Line Neu Werbaß Johann Friedrich Hembd born14.07.1731 in Odernheim (IV/7=IV1) in N. Werbaß

Numbering of generations:
Original in my family charts entries are numbered according to the following system:

  1. Generations are numbered in Roman numerals.
  2. Individual persons are given Arabic numbers.
Johann von Hembden constitutes generation I, his children II plus ascending Arabic numbers, i.e. 1,2,3 etc.
The founders of the various family lines retain their generational number but are given new consecutive numbers. For example: Johannn Friedrich Hembd, born 14/07/1731 carries number IV/7 in the main line, whereas he appears as number IV/1 in the Neu Wehrbaß line.
Unfortunately it is not possible to bring this form in the website.I would be pleased helping to find any proband.

Main family line I Odernheim am Glan:

This line, of course, starts with our common ancestor Johann von Hembden who moved to Oderheim am Glan in 1635.

This ancestral chart ends with generation IV. It is continued in the main family line II founded by Johann Friedrich Hembd, born 26.04.1756.

This aera is marked by a number of relocations, e.g. to Fahlenwerder, Müggelheim and Neu Wehrbaß,
as well as the first emigrations to America.

Johan Nickel Hembd IV/1.  * January 31st 1728 arrived in Pennsylvania on the 26th of September 1752.
Johann Casimir Hembd IV/24 arrived in America on the 10th of October 1768.

Main family line II

This line (ancestral chart) is continued from the main line by Johann Friedrich Hembd, * 26/06/1756
and still is up to date.
This is the family line I belong to.

Here, we also find evidence of emigration to America:
Leonhard Hembd 1     10th January 1836
Balthasar Hembd 2     27th November 1837 to Evansville.

1 and 2 were brothers

Line Fahlenwerder:

The best part of the data collected in the area of Groß-Fahlenwerder was compiled by pastor Dibbertstein who searched the church records there. He passed them on to Konsistorialrat (probably: chapter member of the  congregation) Paul Hembd, Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland).

According to Paul Hembd´s Pedigree, Christian Hembd, * 12/11/1727 (IV/(=IV/1) was married on Low Sunday (Quasimodo) 1748 in Odernheim to Anna Maria Schäfer. Christian Hembd is generally referred to as the founder of the Fahlenwerder line.
Paul Hembd also stated that Christian Hembd emigrated to Prussia the same year (1748) with his wife and 67 Palatine families and settled in the village of Groß-Fahlenwerder, which had been newly founded by Frederic the Great.

On the website www.genealogienetz.de/reg/BRG/neumark/Soldin/fahlenwerder2.htm the following information can be found:

Fahlenwerder 250th Anniversary

On the founding history of the Palatine settlement
By Dr. Günter Schreiber and Manfred Kettel

Here we can see that Christian Hembd emigrated with his whole family. with him were his father, Johann Nickel Hembd, born 28/06/1698, his mother Maria Sara neé Scheib and, what is more interesting, also his younger brother Johann Nickel Hembd, born 29/05/1738 who was only 9 years old at the time. Sadly, father Johann died during the journey. Interesting enough, Paul Hembd’s pedigree gives no evidence whatsoever of  Johann Nickel Hembd. I have to admit, there are probands in our Family Tree, they do not fit in yet in our ancestry.  I personally have the opinion they are descendants of Johann Nickel Hembd.

I will do my best to fill a few gaps in this context.

Now back to Christian Hembd. He had 12 children several of whom died early or never married.
We have traced the family history of only two of his sons.

Firstly, there was Johann Valentin Hembd, born 27/07/1763. His son, Friedrich Wilhelm, born 01/11/1795, was an officer. He got married twice but had only one daughter for whom we haven’t found any records.
Christian´s second son, born 03/08/1765, stayed on the family estate and eventually became mayor of Fahlenwerder. He had nine children a few of whom died at an early age. Some of his children and grandchildren presumably lived as peasants in and around Fahlenwerder. Most of them chose different professions and left the area. Henceforth, his descendants constitute the Fahlenwerder line.
A few members of this family line emigrated to America.

I am only listing their names at this page:

Karl Franz (Frank) Hembd, *1. June 1842, came to America 1868
Julius Hembd, * 1842, came to America 1868
Wilhelm Friedrich (Fredrick) Hembd, * 11. June 1835, came to America 1855

Alfred Gottlieb Hembd Son to Ernest Hembd, * 26. Sep. 1891, + 16. Mai 1942, came to America 1912
Ernst (Ernest) Hembd, * 9. Oct. 1867, + 14. Apr. 1960 in Chicago, followed his son 1920 to America

I will dedicate a separate chapter to these family members.


The Müggelheim Famliy Line

Johann Peter Hembd, born 17/10/1716 (IV/40IV/1), soon after his wedding, emigrated to Prussia with his young wife and settled down in Müggelheim near Köpenick, situated south-east of Berlin.
He was accompanied by 17 families from Odernheim and they travelled via Fankfurt to Berlin, where they arrived in May 1747. An area of land in the Köpenick district was assigned to these families on very favourable terms. There, they founded the settlement of Müggelheim, which now is a part of Berlin.

See: Zur Gründungsgeschichte der Pfälzersiedlung / On the Founding history of the Palatine Settlement.

Wilhelm Hembt, born 09/06/1871 (X/2), a member of the Müggelheim line, has gathered the following data from the church records of Müggelheim, Cosen and Friedrichsfelde. The family pedigree was compiled and amended on the basis of these data. The spelling of the family name was not always retained as we know it. Hembd evolved into Hembt or Hempt.

Through three generations, the children and grandchildren of Johann Peter Hembd lived as peasants in Müggelheim and Cosen and the daughters and granddaughters also married into farming families. In the following generations, as of 1870, we observe a slow relocation trend towards Berlin, with some family members also settling down in Friedrichsfelde and Karlshorst. Although the Müggelheim family line is a very strong one and family bonds must have been powerful, too, we do not know very much about this line. The end of the war must have severed family bonds. Many must have perished in the war or have disappeared from the records.

I really hope we will manage to find the surviving members of this family tree so that we can put together the missing pieces.

The Neu Werbaß Line:

This line was founded by Johann Friedrich Hembd, born 14/07/1731, main line (IV/7), now (IV/1).
All of his children were born in Odernheim. In 1782, he joined a group of Palatine emigrants who went to Hungary and eventually settled in New Wehrbaß in the Batschka area. The spelling of the family name is altered from Hembd to Hemdt, later Hempt. The church records only show the spelling Hemdt.

Friedrich Hembd/Hemdt remarried after the death of his first wife in 1788. Only a couple of months into his second marriage, he dies, too.

His son Johann Leonhard Hemdt, born 13/12/1769 (V/5) joins the Austrian troops on their way to Russia as part of the Napoleon’s Army although he is married and a father of 8 children. We can only assume that he was forced into service. He disappeard in 1813. His children, except for his youngest son, remained in Neu Wehrbaß. We have no records of them but the data recorded in the family tree.

The youngest son, Joseph Hempt, born 22/05/1809 (VI/8) gets married to Amalie Gotsmann from Vienna and moves to Neusatz (Novisad).

His oldest son, Adolph Hempt, born 25/05/1845 (VII/1) works as a curate (“Bibelkollaborator”) and missionary in Sarajewo. He must have been a fairly important person. His son Adolph Hempt, born 23/09/1874 is a doctor, lieutenant-colonel surgeon (Sanitätsoberstleutnant) and eventually becomes director of the Pasteur Institute in Novisad. He is a very assiduous genealogist, attempts to compile the names of the family members in Yugoslavia, continues to research our ancestry in the Palatine region and follows the traces leading to the Hemptinnes in Flanders. He spares no effort and travels to the Palatinate, Flanders and even as far as England. He does some research in Brussels and Paris and contacts the Count Alexander de Hemptinnes. In the course of time he meets Kirchenrat (consistory member) Paul Hembd in Wroclaw. They exchange their findings and continue to correspond regularly. His findings must have been outstanding, but they probably got lost in the turmoils of World War II in Yugoslavia. All that remains is a few letters, copies of reports and messages which are partly in my possession.

These few remaining documents formed the basis for the family research done by Jacob Hembd and Erich Wegner. I really hope that this website will be instrumental in finding additional information. We know that there are Hempt family members living in Austria and former Yugoslavia. I hope they will get in touch in order to clarify a few questions.

Are there any offspring?

Briefe aus Ungarn

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