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I will start with the evidently close relatives to each other:
Frank / Julius / Frederick.

In part, some letters to John Hembd around Christmas 1936 from H.A.Hembd,
Chas.H. Hembd, Mrs. Julius Hembd and from Ernest Hembd 1946.


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Facts we know about them:


Frank Hembd

Julius Hembd

Frederick William (Friedrich Wilhelm) 




11.06 1835







01.02.1911, Plate County   

21.01.1924? 27.02.1888


Anna Elizabeth Eckhoff

1. Gesina Ahrens




2. Lina Hellbusch



Wilhelm Hembd

Karl August Hembd











Louise Göttel

Julia Schulz

Caroline Hembd










1.) 11.04.1868 Shipwrecked




2.) 19.08.1868




Okt. 1868



Frank was shipwrecked.

Julius came with his Mother to America, travelled under her Name Julius  (Schulz). In New York at arrival registered as Julius Hampt. He came to visit Frederick. (Letter from H.A.Hembd Nov. 28. 1936). 

Frank travelled with his Parents, Father supposed to have diet on the Ship.

To complete the picture, I bring in Ernest (Ernst) Hembd, born 09.10.1867.
Parents to Ernest, where Johann Gottlieb Conrad Hembd born in Staffelde Kreis Soldin on March 27, 1822, and was married 1851 to Caroline Koldiz born April 25, 1831.    
His son Alfred Gottlieb Hembd, * 26. Sep. 1891, + 16. Mai 1942 came to America 1913 to study American methods.

Ernst (Ernest) Hembd, * 9. Oct. 1867, + 14. Apr. 1960 in Chicago followed his son 1920 to America.
Revering to his statement; one of my fathers’ brother left for America…….

spurensuche 8

... which is definite not correct, because Frank got shipwrecked and the three did not travel together, but sure they knew each other. Frederick came to America 1855, Frank and Julius arrived 1868 separately bud both headed for Wisconsin where Frederick lived ad the time, as I understand it.

Franks decent is quiet clear.

Frederick; According to Ernest Hembd, I declare Frank a brother to Ernest Father Johann Gottlieb Conrad Hembd, born 27.03.1822 both sons of the first marriage of Gottlieb Hembd geboren 09.12.1805 (old charts VI 6, new charts VI 8). The best evidence right now are the dates of birth and it would also explain why Frederick travelled alone with his mother.

Julius: Since I can not place in the charts either Julius nor his Parents, I make them descendant of  Johann Nickel Hembd, born 29.05.1738 brother to Christian Hembd born 12.11.1727. ( new charts VI 8).

See in Archives the different branches.

I have meanwhile learned, since the relationship to Poland is getting better it is now possible to get access to the German documents as far as thy where not destroyed during War. I am informed that the authorities in Wroclaw (Breslau) are very helpful to find once ancestors. Hopefully I will get more information on Frederick and Julius ancestors. Since I never was in Poland, I am planning to go there in 2008 and take the opportunity to look for the missing links.


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